The Age of Transparency

They’re watching Who is, you ask? Everyone... Okay, so it sounds a little creepy, but it’s true.

The digital age has turned into the age of transparency. With the emergence of new technologies comes the ability to see through those empty messages in the media. With every new post on social media, comes a storm of opinions and debate. Even print campaigns, within instance are under scrutiny online. This makes it more difficult to be that brand who survives based on substance-less content.

 Now is the time for consumers who know exactly what they want. These consumers have outsmarted the brands they once knew and loved. Instead of waiting for the brand to show them what they need, they are searching for it and attaining recommendations from friends and others online.

Here’s the thing, the noise is only getting louder. What do we mean by noise? Well, simply search Google for something, anything. How many more search results do you think you would have found if you Googled that same thing 10 years ago? Exactly. So what do we do in a digital world that’s full of data and stories that we can now see through, more than ever before?

Stand out from the crowd with a clear, concise brand message, and stick by it! We all know how disappointed we are when we find out our favourite ‘healthy’ muesli is in fact packed with sugar. Don’t let your consumer down. Communicate with them in the most sincere way possible!