The YouGov-Fifty Acres poll

YouGov is partnering with Fifty Acres to produce a regular opinion report on topical government questions and announcements from the view of two party preferred voting intention on issues ranging from the economy, health, education, environment through to immigration.

The partnership is a new entrant in the Australian polling landscape and takes a very different approach to ascertain how Australians think and feel about a range of issues. By leveraging YouGov’s global experience in political polling and deeply profiled proprietary community in Australia, this partnership will provide the freshest and most accurate data on the political views of everyday Australians.

The YouGov-Fifty Acres Poll will also act as a resource for serious journalism in Australia - leading media outlets will be invited to submit questions, gratis, that will form part of the fortnightly polls. 

Methodology Overview

The poll is an online survey conducted amongst 1,000 Australians aged 18+. The poll sample is nationally representative with quotas based on 2016 ABS statistics on key demographics including age, gender & region.

Latest Findings - YouGov-Fifty Acres poll reveals 2017 Federal Budget concerns

Just over half (52%) of Australians believe the 2017 Federal Budget will have negative consequences for themselves and their family, according to a new poll released by leading international research firm YouGov and Australian communications and engagement agency Fifty Acres.

Only one in six Australians believe the new Federal Budget will be good for them and their family. Older people are even more pessimistic - just one in 10 Australians above 45 years of age expect the budget will be good for them and their families

Interestingly, although most respondents expect the 2017 budget to have a negative impact on their families, almost half believe it will be good for business, at 47%.

Changes in Medicare benefits rank as the number one area in the new Federal Budget impacting people's voting intention, at 32%. Health is also the number one area within the new federal budget that Australians believe require immediate change, at 20% - women feel even stronger about healthcare changes in the 2017 budget, with one in 4 picking it as the main area that needs change.

Survey respondents believe the top areas of the Federal Budget requiring immediate change are:

  • 20% Health
  • 14% Housing & Community services
  • 13% Welfare
  • 12% Economy