How to Make the Most of Online Video in 2017

Industry news

Online video is a mega trend that presents an array of opportunities for Not-For-Profits seeking to reach diverse audiences and win supporters. Insights show people are spending more and more time on devices like smartphones, and our passion for online video grows ever stronger - YouTube reaches more 18+ year-olds during primetime TV hours than any cable TV network in the US, according to Google research. You can bet the figures are similar for Australia. Video grew to new heights in 2016, and it’s set to grow even further this year.  

Here are three ways to make the most of online video trends in 2017:

Team with YouTube Influencers. Not-For-Profits have long been deft at leveraging the power of celebrity in cause marketing. However, today the Angelina Jolies and Madonnas of the world now share the spotlight with a growing number of YouTube stars. These creators have amassed many thousands of followers by producing videos on everything from DIY makeup tips to the weird world of unboxing products. Google found half of 18-34 year old YouTube subscribers would drop what they’re doing to watch a video by their favourite YouTube star. Now’s the time to consider the value of a YouTube celebrity ambassador, who could well be the key to connect with hard to reach millennials.

Go Live. Last year we saw major social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, introduce live video, enabling media, brands and Not-For-Profits to interact with their followers like never before. People are still exploring the best ways to use Facebook Live and Periscope, which you can use to embed broadcasts directly into tweets on Twitter. When considering what to broadcast, remember that it needs to be interesting enough to keep your supporters tuned in. For instance, a Q&A with your top spokesperson, lively debate, or colourful campaign at Parliament could all make for engaging viewing.  

The era of ‘infotainment’. Overt marketing is losing its impact, as the rampant proliferation of online advertising sees more and more people tune out. In order to gain attention in this environment, brands are getting creative to produce videos that both inform and entertain. Entertainment isn’t often something Not-For-Profits aspire to in cause marketing, particularly when they advocate around serious issues. However, it is possible to raise awareness about serious issues in a way that also entertains. Satire, irony, overstatement or understatement are methods of humour Not-For-Profits are known to use well in campaigns for serious issues, such as climate change. You can deploy these in videos, either in text captions or the script. Remember to test the humour first, either on colleagues or elsewhere, to ensure its tasteful and suited to your target audience.