How to Amplify Your Content in 2017

Industry news

You could have the greatest content in the world, but if nobody gets the chance to see it, what use is it? With an increasing number of causes vying for donor attention online, it’s critical for Not-For-Profits to amplify their content if they want to reach and engage as many people as possible. Not sure where to start? Here are three amplification strategies that see real results:

Engage influencers. Influencers activate hundreds of thousands of followers with a single poignant tweet. First, scan the top influencers on social platforms like Instagram and Twitter, and list down all those who align well with your cause. For instance, a wellness influencer on Instagram is ideal for a Not-For-Profit in the health space. Next, ask them to share and contribute to your content, to give it credibility and amplification among their followers.

Leverage social media. Social media is set to continue its a dominance in content sharing. An ever growing number of platforms enable Not-For-Profits to amplify their content, targeting specific groups - from millennial Snapchatters to professionals on LinkedIn. Use a combination of unpaid and paid posts to maximise reach and remember to set a budget for social advertising in your marketing and communications plan. Finally, be creative. The key to getting the most out each piece of content is to share it in multiple, diverse ways. For example, you could amplify video content by posting long and short versions of the video, as well as emotional stills and moving quotes, with links to the content itself.

Crowdsource promotion. You have a legion of committed supporters who value meaningful engagement. Make the most of them. Always include a call to action encouraging supporters to share your content, and provide a compelling reason why they should. You can also explore ways your supporters can contribute to your content, as those who help create content are highly inclined to share it. For example, you could ask your supporters to share photos, or express their opinion on an issue for use in a blog to be shared on social media and amplified by content-contributors and supporters alike.