Here's to the Perfect Party: What to Consider When Planning an Event

Industry news

Pulling off the perfect event can be hard. But when done right, a great event can be a fantastic way to make connections and show the world what your brand is about. The best way to guarantee your event will go off without a hitch is to ensure you have put in all the planning and behind the scenes coordination it needs to be a success. Whether it’s a suave cocktail party, a conference or an afternoon luncheon - good organisation, or lack thereof, can make or break an event. In the name of a good party, here are a few elements you should always remember when planning the perfect event.

Know your purpose – Having a clear understanding of why you are holding the event will make it far easier to determine how to pull it off. Are you launching a new product, educating the market on what you do, connecting one-on-one with influencers, or celebrating something great your company has done? – think of the goals and objectives of your event and tailor it accordingly.

Find the right venue - What is the size of event? What kind of ambiance are you looking for? Will the venue offer catering? What message will the venue send to your audience? Think about how your guests will react to their venue and aim to find one that will wow them.

Choose the right date – When it comes to the perfect event, timing is everything. Try to avoid calendar hot spots such as Christmas and New Year. It's hard to pull a crowd late on a Monday night - if it's an evening event or a big party, place your event later in the week.

Tailor your guest list – The importance of getting the right people in the room cannot be understated. Pick your guests carefully aiming for a mix of people who are loyal to or invested in your company, influencers in your field and potential new clients or customers.

Make it quirky - People will need to be engaged and entertained so make it fun! Have a quirky activity that suits your brand and that people will be talking about well after the party is over. Think live art, or hire a video DJ who can simultaneously mix the music and provide interesting visual entertainment - all while the guests tweet their requests!

Take care of Media – If you’re inviting the press to your event, give them a little extra special treatment. By offering pre-event interviews or preparing press packs that can assist them with their write ups you are more likely to get good media coverage. A thank-you note after their coverage is always a nice touch too.

Organisation is paramount – Start your planning as early as possible - food, drinks, music, budget, venue are all things you will need to consider. Don’t forget that it's always a good idea to have that Plan B safely nestled up your sleeve, just in case.